EQNL Alpha Opening Today?

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Ever since SOE President John Smedley tweeted last December that EQN Landmark Alpha testing would begin in the “second half of January” we’ve been calling January 31, 2014 as the day that EQNL Alpha would start. It looks like we were spot on with our prediction, based on tweets from last night:

and dark-and-early this morning:

SOE is holding a Year of EverQuest open house today in the parking lot and players from around the world are flying, driving, biking, or walking to San Diego just to play a 15 minute demo of EQNL. This announcement has led to much consternation from prospective EQNL players who have invested in the various Founder’s Packs for two reasons:

  • Players who can make it to San Diego will seemingly get to play EQNL before those who plunked down $20, $60, or even $100
  • Players who are in San Diego for the event won’t be in a position to reserve character names if they’re standing around a parking lot or in their car driving home when Alpha servers go live.

My response to these two concerns would be this tweet from Smed:

and the fact that the EQN Landmark website clearly states that there will be a number of server wipes during Alpha, and thus all characters would need to recreated.

EQNL will be livestreaming all the festivities on Twitch today from 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST).

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  • Caela


    Way too many people are forgetting that this is Alpha and not the launch of the game.


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