Press Sites Get to Test EQNext Landmark Building Tools

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Alpha and Beta Testing, Art Design & Appearance, EverQuest Next Landmark

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  • Chuina


    Yeah, looks like they went for the straight marketing costs here. The same screenshots and same stories from all the major-major press sites. Honestly, I’m dissapointed to see such a high cost to ensure access to a beta that isn’t time limited by random codes. Planetside 2′s testing and Founders Pack had a lot more value within them. There isn’t even any Station Cash conversion for paying $100.00, really?

    It’s going to be a great game I am sure, but as someone who doesn’t have money to throw away it isn’t the happiest news in the world.


  • Zizzu


    Like I said earlier in a different post, I’m not surprised by this. But $100.00 and no station cash? Or even a rebate/coupon off the game purchased? I’m sure there will be people forking the money asap for this.


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