EQNext Player Input Panel #2

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This is the second Q&A panel for eqnext. We will be giving input and asking questions that go into the design of the game.

More screenshots.

We are recording a video of this panel and also recorded yesterdays. Will be posted soon.

Smedley: less classes. More like eq1.

Question: plan for eq1 and eq2?

Smedley: fully intend to support all 3 games. Also intend to come up with some way to transition to eqnext. Not with your gear you will start with level 1. But some meaningful connection.

question: can bards be bards instead of spell casters with musical notes?

A: we want each class to have a clear role that is more obvious and unique.

Smedley: We are not trying to migrate players from eq2 to eqnext. We will run eq and eq2 until they are no longer profitable. They aren’t going away any time soon.

Q: hardware requirements?
Smedley: eqnext built from the ground up to be scaleable. Will run on a laptop or powerful pc. We want it to take full advantage of current hardware.

Also, This game is NOT being made for kids. It’s not like free realms! People have seen the screen shots from yesterday and think this is free realms graphics. It’s not.

Discussion about hardcore raid vs casual.

Q: travel is too easy
smedley: I personally want to explore very square inch of our worlds. I like to see everything. But we have a lot of players that want that convenience.
A: we can keep convenience and still make it feel like a large world. Waiting 15minutes to start a group is a problem.

Lots more questions. SOE President John Smedley answering lots of questions.

EQ2Wire Note: will post videos soon.

Smedley: the original idea for guild halls was they would be in the world. We didn’t want to instance it. If it was possible to do, programming wise, we wouldn’t instance anything but dungeons.

Smedley: what if we had a hardcore server with raiding and corpse runs on it’s one server?
(huge applause)

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